Lessons learned from Egypt

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Lessons learned from Egypt is that people have power. Dictator Mubarak is about to bow down to the will of the people. If so, can the Egyptian style resistance movement work in Ethiopia. Of course, we have by in large an army primarily repesenting and serving an ethnic group and an ethnic dictator. A dictator is a dictator, so they have no standing if the people organize and rise to the challenge. People have fought decades to liberate themselfes from oppression. In Egypt if all the people participate and keep the momentum, as it appears it will, dictator Mubarak has to go or will be forced by the will of the people dragged or kicking like other dictators.

Like the Egyptians are a trailblazer for the Arab world, Ethiopians can be a trail blazer for the sub-Sahara Africa. What would it take to get there. I will put a proposal together to spark a revolution in Ethiopia and to keep it going. Here is another Egyptian resistent video that is should be a great inspiration for all of us.

Post Title: Lessons learned from Egypt
Author: dula
Posted: 10th February 2011
Filed As: Human Rights
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