Remembering the 2005 Massacre – By Al Mariam

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 Prof. Alemayehu has written a remembrance of the Woyane massacres of 2005. Let us not forget,  it will repeat many times more unless we are willing to stop it. We have the power to stop it, but we failed to rise up to the task instead we keep giving lip service to the plight of our people.  The Diaspora has the tools to make a difference, but it has failed its moral responsibility to do so and allow the continued subjugation and humiliation of the Ethiopian people.  Click to read article: Please click here to read Al Mariam’s article: Remembering the 2005 Massacre

It is nice to read such blogs and to watch ESAT, unfortunately, these are reminders of the situation, but not a solution. Solutions come with action and organizations. If our community really wants to do something, please read my 2005  article entitled : “How to defeat Meles”. Of course, the personalities changed,  Meles is deal,  organizations such as CUD and UEDF don’t exit, and some of  tactics may have to change too, but the concept remains the same and sound in overcoming the current stalemate with Woyanes.  Please click to read the article: How to defeat Meles

Post Title: Remembering the 2005 Massacre – By Al Mariam
Author: dula
Posted: 10th November 2014
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