The Final Blow to Ethiopiawinet.

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The Final Blow to Ethiopiawinet!

The expulsion of the Amharic speaking people from the South is a final blow to Ethiopiawinet. The masterminds of Ethiopia’s demise have eventually succeeded in putting a death knell to what left of Ethiopia, complete segregation by tribe. By  the way, according to the dictionary, a death knell  is the ringing of a bell to announce a death. Literally speaking, the Woyanes are killing Ethiopia economically and as a nation.

All Ethiopians should have the freedom to live anywhere in Ethiopia. There are certain inalienable rights any government has to grant to its people, such as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, sense of security, jobs, property rights, and to live and work anywhere in your country. As many of us know, none of these rights exist in Ethiopia. The recent Woyane action on Amharic speaking people clearly demonstrates that. Thus, this is tantamount to ringing of a bell to announce a death of Ethiopia as a nation, the ultimate final plan of  the Woyane regime.

Woyane have been planting the seeds of hate among all Ethiopians for a long time. They have succeeded to make most Woyanes to hate all Ethiopians, they have tried to pit Oromos against Amharas, now they are pitting the South against Amharas with the help of their lackeys, as usual.

At this point, the Woyanes have completed the circle or the strangulation of Ethiopia. This is the final blow in their attempt to undermine the very existence of Ethiopia as a nation. The Amharas are being used as their bogey man, but their aim is to destroy Ethiopia as a nation.

Now, they have completed the circle of  pitting all Ethiopians against each other. There is no stone unturned in their attempt to destroy Ethiopia and to make Ethiopia none existent in the eyes of many Ethiopians. Now, the Amharas have to live in their tribal area and vice versa. Ethiopia is now a tribal state with little or no commonality just tribes  existing to serve the interest of ruling TPLF and their agents.

Nothing left for Ethiopians in Ethiopia to call themselves Ethiopians. By driving the Amharic speaking Ethiopians from the south by calling them Amharas or Amharic speaking people, they have successfully destroyed whatever left of Ethiopia or the unity of Ethiopians. Of course, their aim is clearly to drive a wedge among all Ethiopians so that nobody is left to fight the Woyane oppression or to redirect the blame on each other instead of focusing  the Woyanes who are the real culprit and who are destroying Ethiopia as a nation.

The Woyanes may be targeting one ethnic group, but they are targeting or setting up Ethiopia for genocide. For a while the Southern states resisted or were spared of Woyane driven  ethnic politics to the extent the Woyanes tried to impose on Amharas and Oromos.

Until the Woyanes  masterminded the split of  the Gurages into two  independent groups by absorbing the Siltes as their supporters or surrogates with the help of Hodam Siltes, the South stayed relatively calm and tried to avoid the idea of hyper gerrymandering to pit one group against another. Of course, the full power rested on Woyanes, but most of the leaders stayed in the opposition camps save Siltes, recently the Wolaytas.

CUD’s spectacular failure has become a catalyst for the rise of Woyane influence in the South. With the miserable failure of CUD, and the price most of the smaller tribes paid for their support of CUD, and the quixotic and unprofessional behavior of some of the leaders exacerbated and accelerated the South acceptance of Woyane dominance and rule. .

Most leaders of the region turned  pragmatic and decided to  coexist or acquiesce to the inevitable  subservient relationship to Woyanes.

The recent action by the leader of  Benji Maji goes beyond coexistence with Woyanes, but  completes the circle of capitulation to Woyane agenda, which is the destruction of Ethiopia, and Ethiopiawinet.

For a long time, the Woyanes worked hard to pit Oromos against Amharas, now, they are putting a final blow to the very remaining part of Ethiopia that refused so far to drop Amharic as its national language and to be ethnicized as anti-Ethiopia and anti-Amhara.

The question is what to do next to stop the Woyanes  from creating not just eviction, but genocide throughout Ethiopia. We need to join national organization at the same time, resist the temptation of joining ethnic organizations, but keep fighting  as a nation under siege and under the gun.

So far the opposition reaction has been to join chat room to discuss and to denounce Woyanes. This is not enough.  Ethiopians need to resist eviction, and refuse to flee as refugees.

The Diaspora has to lead in this effort with resources and intellectual power. This is a declaration of war on our people. There has to be  a commensurate response to this not just talk in the chat room.

We  need to find friends who can align with us in times of need  like George Clooney does for the Southern Sudan, we need to find Western politicians who can denounce Woyanes, we need  to find African leaders who can  stand for something and who can stand with Ethiopia. For God’s sake, Ethiopia stood for African liberation and unity, now we have a force destroying Ethiopia, where are our friends and allies.

We need to find a way to get our messages out.   Many countries, Woyanes and individual organizations  have a PAC (political action Committee), Ethiopians needs to have one to get their messages out. Such an organization can articulate our concerns to the rest of the world, not just to Ethiopians.

We need to support organizations that stand for a democratic, non-ethnic and pluralistic Ethiopia. If there is none, create one.  Time has passed to wait for another Woyane time bomb to destroy Ethiopia.

Ethiopian churches, mosques and other civic organizations need to take the lead and stand for something. Hope they  rise to this clarion call before it is too late.

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Post Title: The Final Blow to Ethiopiawinet.
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Posted: 3rd April 2012
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