Victory is at our Finger tips

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Victory is at our finger tips. The question is who is going to drive it? All the stars are aligned to free Ethiopia and we should not let this pass us by without taking advantage of it.

In one of my articles entitled “Dictators are like Giant Elephants with a feet of clay”, I reiterated the belief that dictators despite appearing impregnable lack a foundation and justification for their existence, thus they collapse easily with a little push.

The primary objective now has to be to generate that push by coordinating the forces in the Diaspora and at home.  During a brief personal visit to Houston, Aba Biya Aba Jobir, told me in August, 1991 that the Woyanes will be gone in six months. That was almost 20 years ago. Thus I will not discount in the ability of Meles to finesse a strategy to stay another 20 years unless we unite and outsmart him this time.

In order to dismantle the Meles regime we need to connect with the Ethiopian people at home. Despite recent setbacks, the Ethiopian people are known for their bravery and for preserving their freedom and independence for thousands of years from the Europeans, Turks, Arabs and others. Repelling the Italians in 1896, driving them out in 1941, repelling the Ottoman, Arabs and other invaders is a testimony to the bravery and tenacity of the Ethiopian people. This has earned the Ethiopian people a place in history among Africans and many others.

Meles knowing that has devised a scheme to divide and conquer them. He was able to pick on Oromos, Amharas, Gurages, Somalis and other one at time and silence them. Now, all alienated groups, Somalis, Oromos, and the Southern people have realized that division served Meles well rather than anybody.
It has become clear to many that a democratic Ethiopia has a room for every Ethiopian regardless of tribe, religion or where they come from. So the Ethiopian spirit of unity and fighting the common enemy is back and the time for the Woyane is over.

To dismantle the Woyanes, we need to connect with students, labor unions, businesses, and others in Ethiopia to make the revolution a united force like the one in Egypt to shatter the Woyane design of divide and conquer. The idea of breaking up Ethiopia by tribe as concocted by TPLF and EPLF was plan to control and to subjugate all Ethiopians into a second class status. Simply, such idea only serves enemies of the Ethiopian people. In the past, the Woyanes were able to pick on one group at a time, but this time we are united and nobody can defeat a united Ethiopia, as witnessed by past enemies of Ethiopia. Woyanes picked on labor unions, Taxi drivers, bankers, Gurages, Amharas, Oromos one by one to silence and to put them out of actions. Think the possibility of all Ethiopians coming out in mass or refusing to obey Woyanes like the Egyptians did. If the Ethiopian people can generate a unity like the Egyptians and the people of Tunisia, no one in the world let alone Woyanes can defeat the Ethiopian people.

Given this recognition, all Ethiopians from Gambella to Ogaden should be united. Once united, nobody can defeat them and victory is at their finger tips. Mubarak in the past used to kill hundreds of the Muslim brothers and used to get away with such murders, like Meles got away in 2005. But when the Egyptians united regardless of their religion, race and ideology, they became unstoppable for Mubarak and for the army. In Ethiopia, the majority of the military people are coming to the recognition that they are not willing to kill to preserve a regime hated by the majority of the people. The majority of the foot soldiers hail from the rest of Ethiopia, except the top leaders. Fortunately, according to the recent database, now we know where the top brasses live, work and all their tentacles and if they were to massacre our people, there are forces to wipe them out as well. So it is unlikely, that they will engage in a massacre.

After Meles, there is a need to establish a reconciliation and truth committee like the one in South Africa, to forgive and forget for the sake of ending the saga of retribution that Meles started. A transitional government representing all sectors of the Ethiopian people need to be constructed immediately to lead to a free and fair election and to lay a democratic foundation for Ethiopia. However, we need to put the Horse before the cart. First, let us work on igniting the revolution while iron is hot for liberation. Meles is scared, but he is capable of creating another means to abort this revolution using his proxies in the West or at home. A call by the U.S. Embassy to bring the opposition and the Woyanes together is another plot to abort the revolution and to protect U.S. interest. Strategies to sustain the revolution: Revolutionary forces in the Diaspora and in Ethiopia need to coordinate a time table to oust Meles before the worldwide revolution for democratic change cool off.

The major tasks and scenarios should be clearly worked out. The Woyanes are merciless and shrewd and they might have already put a plan of action in place how to thwart everything. This time, Ethiopians cannot think conventional, meaning they have to outsmart the Meles and his agazie army until victory.
In order to avoid the abortion of the movement, all the participants especially in Ethiopia need to have a concept of “shared awareness” like a military outfit, that allows each participant to know what the immediate situation is as well as know his/her responsibilities during the course of the struggle and until final victory with all the back up plans in place.

In Ethiopia, we will not have the luxury of the social media to stay connected, to respond to the unexpected. An authoritarian government like Meles fears technology instead of taking it as a blessing and will do everything in its power to cut all sorts of communication from Internet, cell phone, and land lines too, while relying on its military mobile unit for its communication. So the movement has to be disciplined, coordinated, as well as creative to overcome this irrational regime.

Other scenarios include for example how to bring parties in Ethiopia or in the Diaspora together?
How to create the infrastructure to keep the revolution alive. How do we get the media, especially the International media to become an integral part of the revolution and a witness to report it and to put a restraint on Woyanes from using excessive force to kill the movement. Simply, we need to have a time table, as well as a plan of actions in taking into account all the scenarios and to start the revolution.

The revolution has to be nationwide. Gojam, the Southern people, Gonder, Wollega, Harar, Addis Abeba, students and labor unions have to revolt to overwhelm the Woyanes. If not, they may kill and leave another mayhem like they did in the past. So the coordination at home and abroad is important. The day of awakening or the day of revolution has to be announced to all concerned and fear has to be conquered, Woyane has to be defeated and Ethiopia has to be free. A new generation has to lead Ethiopia, because the old establishment has failed miserably.

The young people in Egypt and Tunisia brainstormed on the use of technology, how to evade surveillance, to organize barricades, how to handle rubber bullets, overcome gases, wear masks and other tactics in order to drive their revolution. They handled everything as a military outfit and they believed in their god given right to be free from unjustified and unwarranted oppression for the rest of their lives. The Muslim brothers, the Coptic Christians, doctors, the nerds, the soccer players, professors, lawyers and all of them combined their energy and operated like a brain surgeon using the nonviolent resistance. Of course, they were willing to die, but they knew that with such meticulous plan, organization and discipline it was just a matter of time for the people to be victorious against Mubarak, the military or any of Mubarak’s thugs. The Ethiopian people need to break from the past, which was designed to divide them and to control them.

Breaking free from past artificial divisions created by the ruler of Ethiopia is critical. The people of Ethiopia need to unite to stop the bleeding, the suffering and the backwardness that was bestowed on them by past ruler and oppressors. The Ethiopian people never took things into their own hands, consequently they continued to suffer. Division has served past rulers well because they were able to shape Ethiopia to fit their interest not the interest of the Ethiopian people. This division often manufactured by the ruling cliques shaped our mind set and kept Ethiopia divided and impoverished forever.

Freedom for Ethiopia is at our finger tips, so let us unite and drive the revolution to victory without fear and restore Ethiopia’s coveted status as a free and proud country.

Post Title: Victory is at our Finger tips
Author: dula
Posted: 22nd February 2011
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